Consignment Policy

Terms of Contract: 


1. Sweet Hayden only accepts items on a consignment basis.

2. CONDITION: Only items that are current styles, in season and in excellent condition will be accepted. Clothing must be freshly cleaned and pressed. Shoes must be like new, with little wear to the toe and heel. Handbags must be cleaned inside and out. In the event Sweet Hayden has to clean or repair an item, the cost of said maintenance will be passed on to the consignor.

3. CONSIGNMENT PERIOD: The "Consignment Period" for an item begins on the date the item is received by Sweet Hayden and shall end 60 days after acknowledgment of receipt, unless otherwise specified. The consignment period may be extended upon mutual consent of both parties.

4. PRICING: Pricing is determined solely by Sweet Hayden. An itemized price list will be available to the consignor. Pricing typically will range between 20% and 60% of original retail; depending on the condition, style, desirability as well as, current new and resale market conditions.

5. PROMOTIONS & SALES: Sweet Hayden reserves the right to run promotions in-store, online and at events. All items are subject to Sweet Haydens promotions and sales. In addition after 30 days, unsold items will be reduced 20%. After 45 days items can be reduced by up to 50%.

6. PAYMENTS: When an item sells Sweet Haydenwill deposit 50% of its selling price in the consignor's account. Checks will be processed at the end of the consignment period. A $5.00 processing fee will be charged for processing each check. A Venmo cash-out option is available with no additional processing fee. 

7. RETURN OF PROPERTY: If the consignor wishes to retrieve unsold items, they must contact Sweet Hayden before the end of the consignment period. It is solely the consignor's responsibility to schedule a pick up. After scheduling a pick up, Sweet Hayden will only hold items for 15 days. Items that are not scheduled or picked up on time will become the property of Sweet Haydens and/or donated to charity. If the consignor requests the return of items prior to the end of the consignment period, there will be a fee of up to $25 per item.

8. COUNTERFEIT ITEMS: Consignor will not provide counterfeit items for consignment. Sweet Hayden reserves the right to confiscate counterfeit items.

9. LIABILITY: Sweet Hayden's will exercise reasonable care for all consigned items. However, Sweet Hayden is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

By signing below you indicate that you have read, understand and agree to the terms above.

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Why we love you to book an appointment: 

Though we have grown, our storage and back space gets filled up quickly (Read: Rachael loves to hoard super cool pieces!). Appointments help us stay organized and we can ensure your pieces will be gone through on the spot!