Rachael Tapper CEO and Founder of Selfish Mom Project and Sweet Hayden Boutique Consignment and Vintage Clothing

Fabrics and fashion have been my curiosity and passion since I was a little girl. At 6, my Nana, and best friend, gave me my first lesson on a sewing machine, and instantly I started day-dreaming of designing my own clothes. At 10, Nana introduced me to thrift stores, consignment stores, and estate sales, and my love affair with the endless possibilities of reimagining and reusing clothing began.

Sweet Hayden (named after my middle child Jay Hayden) was brought to life in 2020 when the uncertainties of the pandemic showed me that life is short and I could no longer overlook my desire to turn my passion into something meaningful. As a mom of three, day to day life can blur our best intentions, but I became determined to find a way to make a difference.

Second only to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world. At Sweet Hayden, our goal is to give new life to amazing articles of clothing. Each piece is carefully chosen by knowledgeable buyers with trends, durability, and value in mind. Basically, we are making old things cool again and encouraging individuality and ethical choices through fashion.

So happy you are here! Thank you for supporting a mom-owned business and helping us to do what we can to “wear more gently” on Mother Earth.


Rachael Tapper

Founder and proud Selfish Mom