Welcome to my dream....

Fashion has always been my true love. Even while I was stuck in mom mode, yoga pants and spit up, fashion was still in my mind. Okay maybe now its really my second love. 


When I was a little girl I used love watching my mom get dressed. If you know my mom now you can probably guess why. She's got an eye for fashion, taste, and glamour. She can literally wear a tutu to go pump gas and she's just fabulous. If you met my grandmothers you would know I was BORN to do this. Its literally in my blood.

What most people don't know is that this yoga pant loving mom of three, actually has a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. My years in NYC were short but so substantial in my life and a little piece of my heart will always be there and in the fashion industry. 

I tried my hand at design, but really my heart has always been in redesign, re-love, and as a mother encouraging other mom's to follow their dreams. 

So what started off as a Selfish Mom Project in finding myself years ago, has evolved into me truly reconnecting with my passion for fashion, creating, and helping other moms in a new capacity - in this space! 

So welcome. Welcome to my dream space. My true TRUE passion. My mission to save the world by showing how old can be made new, and how each momma deserves a space to showcase their passions and talents. I hope you love it here as much I do. 


Rachael Tapper